Central Values

We act courteously to everyone with whom we come in contact

We follow both the Golden Rule (to “treat others as we would be treated”) and the Platinum Rule (“to treat others as they wish to be treated” when it differs). We treat others with kindness and accept no excuse for rudeness. We say “please” and “thank you” to acknowledge the courtesy shown to us by others.

We strive to give maximum effort to our clients, team, families and ourselves

We act with enthusiasm and passion for the contribution we make. We attempt to focus our efforts for their greatest impact. We put forth our best efforts at all times at work and in our community. We rejuvenate ourselves in order to maintain the energy for our best efforts.

We communicate effectively by listening respectfully and responding accordingly

We believe that clear communication is essential to everything we do. We inform our clients and one another of important issues in a timely manner. We document important details for future reference. We communicate directly and truthfully even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

We value others’ time and our own as the one commodity that cannot be replenished

We acknowledge that every good thing that we will do requires time. We cannot do everything, so we must do the most important things. We respect one another’s time by acknowledging that it is of precious value. We seek to provide valuable information for the investment of time by others.

We prepare thoroughly and promptly for all endeavors

We begin case preparation once the appointment has been scheduled. We delegate items that require assistance in a timely manner with adequate instruction. We provide realistic deadlines when requesting information from our vendors. We succeed in direct proportion to our advance preparation.

We respect the confidentiality of our clients, prospective clients and colleagues

We value the privacy of our clients and of ourselves. We honor the agreement of confidentiality that each of us signed. We protect sensitive documents to the extent possible. We require authorization before sharing personal information.

We take responsibility for tasks through completion

We do what we say we’ll do. We understand our responsibilities and their priorities. We finish what we start or effectively delegate to the appropriate team member. We ask for guidance and assistance when necessary.