The Holistic Balance Sheet

Do you ever notice how hectic life can get? How there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything – especially the most important things? We help people with that.

We help people identify what is most important to them – to bring clarity to it. And then we help them align their wealth with it.

Our clients are smart. Most have done some planning -- often very good planning. But somehow … the whole job hasn’t gotten done. Investment and estate decisions are too often either avoided or made in a vacuum.

Seldom is money the most important thing. Most often, the most important things aren’t “things” at all. It’s probably true for you as well. Your family, your health, your education, life experiences and values likely say more about who you are than the size of your retirement account.

Money matters. It does. But only in relation to how it is aligned with what matters most.

The framework that guides our work with clients is that of the Holistic Balance Sheet. Developed by Bill Lyon, this concept helps us value wealth in its many forms. For many of us, traditional financial assets of cash, stocks and bonds do not describe the whole picture. Many of our clients hold significant wealth in real estate or in a family business. These, too, represent Financial Capital.

Others have wealth that does not show up on the typical accountant’s balance sheet. Human Capital may be represented by our future earnings – often quite significantly; or by pensions and Social Security. For many, the value of Human Capital may far outweigh their Financial Capital. It deserves to be considered in making any planning decisions.

Yet without exception, when we’ve asked our clients if there is anything they value more than their financial resources, there is always an answer. Family and Health top the list for most people. But a wide range of other "most important things" also emerge. These things we refer to as Essential Capital – the things we value most.

We help clients to identify their Financial Capital, their Human Capital and their Essential Capital. Each is important and supports the others when our wealth is aligned with our values.