Our Mission and Difference

Our Mission

Our mission, simply, is to help our clients align their wealth with their values. As servant-leaders, we promote a broader understanding of financial and non-financial wealth.

  • We work to improve the well-being of our clients, their families and the community.
  • We deliver customized planning through a holistic framework.
  • We help successful people crystallize lifelong goals and objectives.
  • We take responsibility for making sure the most important planning gets done.

Our Difference

When we have surveyed our clients in the past, they tell us that what they value most about our work is:

  • Our work and our recommendations are customized to them and their specific needs. We can do this because we don't pretend to be all things to all people, because we believe that depth of relationship trumps volume of transactions, and because we take a great deal of time to understand what our clients value most.
  • We offer a holistic perspective that is extraordinarily rare. Few advisors look beyond the assets that they are paid to manage. We look at wealth very broadly -- including Human Capital (the value of future earnings and pensions, for example) and Essential Capital (things like relationships, health, education, life experience, and values). We construct plans that honor all of these and that seek to keep them in alignment.
  • We approach our work with objectivity. We base our recommendations on what is best for you -- now and in the long run. Not on what is best for us. We are held to high standards of professionalism by the firms we represent, by the boards that certify our credentials and by our own moral code. We believe that what is best for our clients IS best for our firm -- in the long run.
  • We follow a plan and path to get our clients where they need to go. Our process-driven approach often means the difference between clients having dreams and achieving them. Depending on the needs and the sense of urgency, we can sometimes move the process quickly if that's what a client needs. But we don't take shortcuts. The discipline of having a process and sticking to it helps assure that the right decisions are made and the right actions are taken.
  • We provide a safe place to talk about the most important things -- dreams, challenges, visions and even disappointments. We are trusted to ask tough questions and to hold the answers in confidence. Clients know that we have their best interests at heart. Our clients have better things to do than question every detail. They rely on us -- and we consider that a sacred trust.