Individual Services

We assist individuals and families in a number of areas. Click on the "plus" sign to learn more about each:

Net Worth Analysis

At its basic level, a Net Worth Analysis is taking an appraisal of what we own and what we owe. This view, however, often only focuses on a small portion of our wealth -- those assets and liabilities that are readily seen and quantified. Our approach attempts to consider value and grow the holistic wealth of an individual, family or business by focusing on all forms of wealth (Financial Capital, Human Capital and Essential Capital).

Retirement Analysis

One of the most common concerns of most Americans is "Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle throughout my lifetime?" It is an important question. Its answer often eludes many very bright people who may have enjoyed very good incomes throughout their working careers. There are many variables to consider: future living expenses, inflation, investment returns, tax-law changes, longevity and many "what-ifs". Objective analysis can help. But there are also non-financial issues including: changing roles at home, involvement with kids, grandkids and the community. Most people only retire once or twice. We've helped hundreds of people successfully navigate to and through retirement.

Investment Strategy

These days, nearly everyone has investments (if only inside their employer retirement plan), but few have an investment strategy. Of those who do, it is even more rare that it is built around them and their needs and objectives. A good investment strategy begins with clarity as to the eventual use of the funds (by whom, when, to what purpose?). It involves reasonable expectations of return and an appropriate tolerance for risk. And often, it involves looking beyond the traditional three asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash. Having investments is not the same as having an investment strategy!

Estate Organization

Many believe that this type of planning is for the wealthy. It is -- sometimes for tax reasons or asset protection reasons. But it is important for everyone else, too, though sometimes for different reasons. No matter what you’s everything you have. Many aspects of estate planning involve the transfer of your assets and other resources to others -- a spouse or partner, kids or grandkids, friends or charities. For many, "how" that happens is as important as "how much". There may be a family member with a special need. And even the most basic estate can benefit by solid organization so that it does not leave a frustrating mess for those left behind. It is also prudent to make sure there is clear direction of who handles things while we're alive in the event we are incapacitated.

Investment Management

Managing your wealth requires a clear understanding of your overall investment objectives. Through Eagle Strategies LLC, our comprehensive investment advisory capabilities utilize a disciplined investment approach that looks beyond traditional asset allocation, while addressing important factors such as risk tolerance levels and investment time horizons.

Lifestyle Protection

While we face a number of risks in life, two key risks can threaten the Human Capital, and thus, the lifestyle of a family. These are disability and premature death. Although many have some protection against these risks, few systematically and regularly analyze their needs. As a result, many may be under- or over-insured.

Healthcare Funding

Another foundational element of a solid financial plan involves understanding the risks and providing for funding of healthcare costs. With the ever-changing health care landscape, choices are far from simple. Retirement, self-employment, changes in employment, changes in health care law and changes in personal health suggest the need for an objective review of options and considerations.

Education Financing

One important aspect of what we call "Essential Capital" is the value of an education. For years, studies have shown that those with more and better education out-earn their counterparts. Thus education can be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. Whether going back for a career-enhancing second degree, or helping a child or grandchild get a great start on life, it doesn't take long to see that the financial investment has become more significant (greatly outpacing inflation as a whole). There are a number of funding strategies and one size certainly does not fit all.

Asset Protection Techniques

There a number of "boogie men" out there. In addition to protecting wealth from unnecessary taxation, it can be important to separate the risks associated with a business or professional practice from personal wealth. And in the context of estate planning, perhaps handing over too much too soon may be worse than not leaving a child enough. In addition, many are justifiably concerned about the risks posed by creditors, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses of their estate beneficiaries. There are numerous strategies and techniques that help preserve all for which you've worked so hard.

Charitable and Legacy Design

Most of our clients are committed to their families and to their communities. They are exemplary leaders in both arenas. Many give generously of their time, talents and treasure. With that often comes a desire to perpetuate the things they care about -- family and community values. While the typical estate plan addresses only financial wealth, there are ways to keep the good things in life going. We challenge our clients to consider, "other than money, what would you like your legacy to be?"