Services for Physicians

Here at The Lyon Group we partner with physicians every day in order to help protect their income and assist with financial decisions. We work with doctors in a wide variety of practices and healthcare systems.

Our group, located out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is committed to helping doctors just like you manage your finances and wealth in a way that best meets your needs and values. Our team of financial advisors and trusted partners will work with you to create a financial plan that helps you make the most of your income and plan for the future. It is our job to look into every aspect of wealth management and essentially do the hard work for you. We will look into everything from risk management to tax minimization and from asset protection to retirement planning. Once we analyze all of these areas with you, we will be able to create a plan tailored to your individual needs.

Our team works to establish trustworthy relationships with all of our clients, creating a long-lasting partnership through which we personally know each and every physician and their needs. This partnership is developed as we work alongside you and provide the best possible service to make your careers a little less stressful. We understand that as a doctor, you are constantly on the move, and that is why we want to lift the burden of financial planning off of your shoulders. Here at The Lyon Group, it is our goal to make you feel secure knowing that our dependable team is doing their best to create, monitor, and implement your plan.

Developing your perfect plan requires our team of experts to dive into all different areas of finance and work with you to meet your goals. We want to make this as easy as possible on your end, which is why we have developed several tools to make financing easier. To learn more, visit the additional sections of this page and contact one of our advisors today.