Financial Navigation System SM

The Financial Navigation SystemSM is a unique, proprietary process that helps clients grow, secure, enjoy and distribute their wealth in alignment with their objectives and values.

We created this unique, systematic process in response to the common situations in which many successful people find themselves:

  • They have already done some planning
  • They have good advisors
  • They have grown beyond their existing planning—making it out-of-date
  • They have not coordinated all the different aspects of planning
  • Their planning was up to date at one time, but things change
  • They need more customized solutions to their unique challenges and objectives

Often, what is missing is the systematic, objective approach that seeks first to clarify the current situation and planning objectives before implementing changes.


Four Stages of the Financial Navigation SystemTM

The Goal Positioning Sessions®

The sessions are a series of meetings and conferences uniquely designed to help you become clear about what you want to accomplish - personally and professionally. The coordinates of three distinct points are important: where you want to be; where you think you are; and where you really are. Discrepancies in these (if any) become the departure point for any future planning. The unique perspective and thoroughness we provide assures that all of your pertinent information (goals, dreams, family situations, financial data, business outlook and legal implications) are considered holistically. A problem that has been "well defined", may be "half solved".

Confidential Questionnaire

The Customized AssessmentTM

We explore and evaluate dozens of strategies in relation to your specific situation. The suitable ideas are brought to you and your other advisers for consideration. Each course of action entails advantages and disadvantages. These are weighed in relation to your objectives and their cost-effectiveness, simplicity and flexibility. Then a decision-making framework is constructed to leave you in a position to make informed strategic decisions that are right for you.

The Charted CourseTM

We have developed a coordinated approach to help make sure the job gets done - right. The advisers needed to execute appropriate strategies have their own languages, biases, strengths and weaknesses. Their experience and wisdom are invaluable. Each adviser's efforts are focused on their area of expertise.

Communication among the members of the implementation team is paramont to this process. Our exclusive communication tools keep everyone on board.

The Crosscheck InspectionSM

At the culmination of the process we bring everything together in a special way through The Captain's Log®. However, few voyages in life go perfectly as planned. Without monitoring and adjusting for unanticipated events, even as well-designed strategy can get you off-course The Crosscheck InspectionSM each year proves invaluable for addressing the many changes that are bound to occur.

By systematically reviewing your planning on a regular basis, many changes can be anticipated. New strategies can be evaluated in a timely manner. When adjustments are necessary, they are usually far less stressful than when starting over from scratch. Between full reviews, William Lyon and Robert Nienaber are available - as trusted advisers - when you need us.