Retirement EKG

How do you know if the heart of your financial plan is healthy?

A lot of people ignore the most important things when it comes to their health and their wealth.

Details such as who manages your money and what your investment expenses are and how your assets are diversified are all very important. However, they pale in comparison to having a clear understanding about whether you’re actually saving enough to be able to retire when you want to – and on your own terms.

Study after study show that many people vastly underestimate what is necessary in order to maintain their lifestyles. And it is actually much harder for high income earners than for their lower earning counterparts, largely due to taxes and limitations on retirement plans and pensions.

A simple calculation can help, though. We call it a Financial EKG.

The financial EKG helps you clarify what your retirement lifestyle is likely to cost. It helps quantify the degree to which you are on track. It also helps you determine what it will take to get there if you’re not.

The best part is you don’t have to wear one of those silly hospital gowns!

If you haven’t taken the time for your annual physical, see your primary care physician.

If you haven’t honestly evaluated your “fiscal” health in a while, give us a call. Ask about our second opinion service.

We can get you scheduled for your Financial EKG.