Serving Medical Professionals

You’ve spent countless hours to build your knowledge, skill and reputation as a doctor. And being a physician can bring great esteem and financial opportunities. But a career in medicine can also bring significant debt, high taxes, big financial risks and limited time to deal with all the complexity. We have the utmost respect for your sacrifice and your role as a physician and caretaker of people’s health. And we believe the right kind of planning can help you enjoy the fruits of your labor and achieve clarity and peace of mind.

Our focus is centered on you. We want to know what’s in your head and your heart as much as what is on your balance sheet. This allows us to deliver planning that’s tailored to your unique needs. With the busy life you lead, we understand that time is precious. We take a holistic view to ensure all areas of planning are considered in a coordinated way. From retirement, investments, tax, insurance and estate plan to student loans, mortgage and spending decisions… we support you so you can focus your time and energy on your career and family with the confidence that your plan is on track.

The Physician’s Conundrum

The practice of medicine is changing as landscapes shift with insurance, ownership, reimbursements, regulation. It’s complex and much of it is not really in your control. We can’t predict how things may continue to change. But we can prepare and plan today to create a future you want for yourself and your family.

We help you formulate a plan that that is built to accomplish your dreams and goals, not to just accumulate financial stuff and not to measure against what your colleagues and friends are doing. More than information, we provide guidance – a financial game plan, in a language you understand, to align your wealth with your values. And we partner with you as the guide for your journey – from medical school to retirement to leaving your legacy.

In our investment advisory work, we serve as fiduciaries, and our planning process is centered around your best interests. Always doing the right thing for our clients is more than a legal standard, it’s core to who we are. We deeply appreciate the trust clients place in us and always do our best to honor that.

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Areas of Planning

Values Centered Planning

We help build YOUR plan, not ours. So we take time to understand your key goals, values and relationships.

Net Worth Analysis

We build a complete map of what you own and what you owe and provide access via your client website.

Cash Flow Analysis

Understanding your income and how it’s spent and saved is foundational to good financial planning. We help make it simple.

Student Loan Strategies

For young physicians, a path toward paying off medical school loans while also saving for retirement and enjoying life is core to financial success and peace of mind.

Insurance Strategies

Protecting your human capital is a keystone part of your financial plan. We make sure this gets done in a measured and intentional way.

Retirement Planning

Gain clarity on whether you are on track to maintain your unique lifestyle throughout your lifetime.

Investment Management

Most have investments, but few have a defined investment strategy and a plan for how various accounts best fit together.

Estate Organization

Design a path that creates a legacy of wealth and values. Ensure assets are protected and your goals are achieved.

Tax Strategies

High income brings high taxes. We identify opportunities to minimize taxes and maximize your wealth.

Education Funding

Education is an investment in your human capital. We help create a plan to fund your family’s education goals.

Charitable Giving

Giving is in our DNA. We’ll help make sure your wealth has the biggest impact for the causes you care about most.